How to Dissassemble ASUS X54C series laptops

Items Required: Screw drivers kit

. Eject the DVD drive
. Unplug from Power Socket
. Remove Battery.
. Detach the cap of DVD write's tray.
. Find out two screws at the gap, unscrew them.
. unscrew the screws from from the bottom.
. Remove bottom half panel by dragging.
. Now you can see further more screw points as shown in the figure. here you can find your Hard disk drive.

asus laptop repair

. Carefully detach the HDD.

asus laptop repair

. Now Detach your keyboard as shown in the figure. also disconnect keyboard cabel by gently pulling it.
asus laptop repair

. Here also you will find screw points.

asus laptop repair

. Now carefully detach the two cables which are connected to motherboard from touchpad and power button of top panel.
. Now you can remove top panel also. You have dissassembled your laptop!!

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