How to Install certificates to NOKIA for dual signed app support

I've posted articles about 'How to install dual signed apps to NOKIA mobiles' in some other websites.

later on i've recieved some emails asking help in installing certificates. So I'm going to give a simple procedure to do it.

You need to download following files:
2. OxyCube_Setup

Now follow these steps :

1.Ensure that you have installed required drivers for your mobile else, download them from internet, or just download and install NOKIA PC Suite.
2. Connect your mobile to computer using data cable
3. Open and extract all files inside it.
4. Install and Run OxyCube. You will see a messagebox asking to configure connections. Select your mobile and click 'Connect' button.
5. Now go to Sections/File Browser from menu bar.
6. Open the folder "C:/hiddenfiles/certificates/auth". Make a backup of all files inside that folder and then delete all of them.Then Copy all the contents from "certs_6300/auth/" to this folder
5. Similarly do it for 'C:/hiddenfiles/certificates/user' folder.

Now you are done. If it doesn't works, then i suggest try copying certs from others' mobiles using OxyCube. That mobile should be of same model (Eg: Nokia 6300 <=> Nokia 6300).
I think no mobile comes without required certs, but it happens when you flash (installing new software) that mobile. So, you have to backup those certs before flashing

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