How to: Remove Blue selection from Desktop Icons

I can guess three reasons for this (type of problem).
1. You may have selected an Animated gif Image as desktop background.
2. You may have changed an option related to Desktop Icon Shadow.
3. You may have selected a linked item (image, link) in a webpage and copied, then pasted it directly on desktop.
(list will update this if i found any other reasons)

If any one of the above is true in your case, then you can try the following:

Case II
1. Goto Sytem Properties (WinKey+Pause Break) and Click on 'Advanced' tab.
2. Goto Performance settings. Here, Click on 'Visual Effects' tab.
3. Look for the option 'Use drop shadows for icon labels on desktop (last but one). Tick this checkbox and click OK.

Case III
1. Goto Desktop properties.
2. Click on Desktop tab.
3. Then click on Customise Desktop button.
4. Click on Internet tab.

5. Here you can see the list of links(if any) associated with desktop.
6. You either remove or disable them.

I think these hints are enough to solve this problem

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