How to: Start Windows with Safe Mode

'Safe Mode' is very helpful in troubleshooting critical errors.
In Safe Mode, Virus activity is very less, because, no software can start itself unless commanded by user. Also it helps us in modifying software configurations like, startup programs, anti viruses etc which cannot be done in normal mode.

To Start windows with safe mode, press F8 button on your keyboard before windows booting starts. It will show various options along with 'Safe Mode', 'Safe Mode with Networking' Options.

How To Add 'Safe Mode' option to Windows XP Boot Menu

Open Command Prompt
Type the following:
cd /d %systemdrive%\
echo multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Windows XP - Safe Mode" /safeboot:minimal>>boot.ini
echo. >>boot.ini

This will Add the lines coming after 'echo' to your 'boot.ini' file.
Note: Make Sure that last line of your 'boot.ini' file is similar to the code which you are adding. For example, if your 'boot.ini' shows 'partition(2)' then it means that XP is installed in Second Partition. Then you have to change your code.

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