Hidden Server Settings in Opera Mini

In addition to usual setting, opera mini provides a hidden settings menu, which is known as Power user Settings. To open this, just type 'opera:config' in address bar and press ok. Now it will show Power User Settings Screen. Here you can see following adjustments:

Large placeholders
for images

Should the colored
placeholder rectangles for images (used when
not loading images) keep the original image size?

Fit text to screen
If disabled, text will no longer be fit to your phone screen, making it much harder to read.
Loading timeout
If a webserver does not send any data in this many seconds, the loading will be aborted.
Site patches and user-agent masking
Enables site patches and user-agent masking.
Keep styling in RSS feeds
If enabled, most CSS/HTML styling will be kept in feed articles.
Show feedindex
Show a list of pagefeeds at the top of the page
Fold linklists
Should the transcoder proxy try to detect long lists of links in mobile view, and if one is found, fold it into a single line that can be expanded?
Phone number detection
Should text that looks like phone numbers be converted to phone number links?
Minimum phone
number length

If telephone number detection is enabled, a number will need to be at least this long to be
considered to be a
phone number

Use bitmap fonts for complex scripts
If enabled, text written with complex scripts will be rendered on the
server instead of in
your device.

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