How to: Protect Gmail account from being Hacked

Few days ago, when i logged into my Gmail account, i saw a notification saying 'Thousands of accounts are being hacked. Click here to make your account more secure'. I clicked that link and followed the instructions.

The plan is : They send a verification code to your mobile number when you are logging into your account. You must enter that code in order to complete login. By this way I got SMS verification codes several times when someone tried to hack my account !!

So, i suggest eueryone to activate this one. It's very easy to do. follow the steps given below:

  • Just sign in to your Gmail Account.
  • Goto
  • Click on 'Account Settings'
  • Click on 2-Step Verification Process(Edit).
  • Enter required informations such as phone number, backup phone number.
  • Also note down some important datas like Backup Codes, which are helpful if you have lost your phone.

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