Latest Nike Shoe Auto Grabber Fastest Bot for lowest price

I've recently created an efficient ultra fast Nike Shoe Auto-Grabber Bot ( Google Chrome Extension ). It doesn't reload the whole page for monitoring twitter account. instead, it just checks a part of the twitter account page for new tweets, and if it detects new tweet, then it loads the link posted in the tweet in another tab. if the link is of Nike's Shoe page, then it automatically adds it to cart with pre-configured size and quantities. the whole process takes place in just 5-10 seconds.
Here are brief listing of it's features:

1) Less traffic consumption
2) High speed
3) Monitor any twitter account
4) Restrict to specified keywords
5) Multiple Shoes can be added
6) Easy pick up shoe size

*** Delivered Within 24 hours ***

*** 100% Satisfaction guarenteed !! ***

*** Very low price for Limited Time !! ***

If any one interested in this bot, just contact me at this safest place:
I'll give you this bot for lowest price of $10. also i'll provide support/updates if nike or twitter change their design or coding.
You need not to upload the extension to chrome web store. The offline installation can be done by signle drag and drop action.

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