How to: Hide or Disable a CD ROM Drive

We can Disable or Hide any drives like CD-ROM, Removable Disk, Virtual Drives, etc from Explorer's Home (My Computer) by this method.
You can Hide Annoying FDD (Floppy Disk Drive) by these steps.
Note that this isn't applicable to Local Drives.
1. Go to 'Properties' of any Drive
2. Click on 'Hardware' tab.
3. Select the required drive
4. Click 'Properties' button.
5. Click on Dropdown List, and then select 'Do not use this device' option.
6. Finish.

Are you a Windows 7 user..? then after 4th step, Click on Drivers tab. then click on Disable button.

We can Enable It any time by Entering 'Properties' of any Local Drive and repeating same procedure.

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