MS DOS: Mouse click, move and drag

Now It is possible to move mouse pointer using MSDOS, Command Prompt or bat files. All you have to do is download a small program given below: [350 Kb]

Here is how it works:

This program takes many parameters.

MouseMan /move /x:[x] /y:[y] /s[speed]
MouseMan /clickL:[n] /x:[x] /y:[y] /s:[speed]
MouseMan /clickR:[n] /x:[x] /y:[y] /s:[speed]
MouseMan /drag /x:[x] /y:[y] /s:[speed]

/move - move cursor to given coordinates [x],[y]
/clickL and /clickR - LEFT or RIGHT click number of times [n] at given point [x],[y]
/drag - Click and drag from current position to given position [x],[y]
/s - (optional) speed of clicking.

Examples :
1) mouseman /move /x:200 /y:300
2) mouseman /clickL:2 /x:20 /y:30
3) mouseman /drag /x:500 /y:800 /s:50

You have to provide at least three parameters for this program to work.

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