Photoshop: Design Blended Logos

Open new Empty canvas with transperent background..

Fill background with black colour using Fill tool.
Create a new layer.
Select an area as a Circle using selection tool as shown in the figure.

Select gradient tool and select white color as First colour.
click on 'gradient configure' icon at the tool bar.
set another color as transperent..

Draw gradient from middle to bottom. and release ... ( Shift+ Drag to Straight Line)
Slightly decrease the opacity and Fill of the layer (nearly 70%)

Now copy that layer into two more layers.. ( ALT+Drag to Duplicate Layer)
Rotate them through 60° angle and adjust to suitable position.

Now select Circle Selection tool and Select Required Area as shown.
Then Make Inverse Selection (CTRL+SHIFT+I). And Press Delete Key. It may look like this:

Finally, Select Text Tool, and Select Required Font and write Logo Text.
Adjust to Suitable Transperency. Here is an Example for Final Image:

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