Storage Device Maintainance Tips

Performance, Life time, Health of Storage Devices depend on how we use them. Here are some points that are helpful in maintaining them.

* Always try to avoid formatting. It reduces the lifespan. If you must, then go for 'quick format'

* In case of storing large number of very small (<5KB) files, better to compress them into a single zip. This keeps file structure clean, constant perfomance, less defragement, etc.

* Learn how to Protect storage devices from being attacked by virus,trogen,etc. There are mainly two ways to do this:
1. Download and install Panda USB Vaccine in your PC. It disables autorun for your PC, and every time when you plug your USB drive, it fixes autorun for that device also(viruses spread using autorun.inf file from USB)(autorun is a part of windows service).
2. Create a folder named autorun.inf in your USB device. It protects from attack of most of viruses.

* Don't Simply Remove when being used. Just eject by clicking on 'Safely Remove' or 'Eject' option, otherwise sometimes it will be corrupted.

* Defrag every weak or month to get maximum performance..

* Don't forget to remove memory card first, if repairing your handset(removing circuit). Otherwise, it will struck inside it's slot and may crack.

* Always keep them in normal temperature. Don't keep them plugged all time, remove from the PC when not required.

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